30 Easy Father’s Day Breakfast Ideas

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It’s never too early to start thinking about delicious Father’s Day breakfast ideas that’ll help us show the men in our lives how much we appreciate their awesomeness.

Whether they’re biological, adoptive, foster, or grand, dads are the best.

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They love us, support us, fix things that are broken, and show up when we call in the middle of the night needing to talk.

Breakfast Ham, Egg and Potato Hash

Whether your dad is a sweet or savory kind of guy, this list of the 30 best Father’s Day breakfast ideas has something on it for him.

If your dad appreciates southern, down-home cooking, this recipe needs to be at the top of your list. It’s one for both sweet and savory lovers.

You can use whatever your dad’s favorite part of the chicken is, but this recipe focuses on thighs. 

They’re brined, seasoned, and deep-fried in vegetable oil, and although I hate to steal a famous catchphrase, they really are “finger-licking good.”

Served with Belgian waffles, they’re even better.

If you’ve ever wished there was a savory, more hearty, and filling version of French toast, this recipe for breakfast strata is it. 

Featuring a wealth of breakfast sausage, cheese, green onions, and mushrooms, strata is like French toast mixed with a quiche that’s been mixed with a casserole. In short, it’s amazing.

Follow the recipe as-is, or substitute your dad’s favorite protein for the sausage, a different veggie for the mushrooms, and whatever kind of cheese you like!

Pancakes With Bananas And Nuts

When you plan a breakfast menu, you can’t leave pancakes off the list, and these copycat IHOP pancakes are the best.

They’re light, fluffy, and take less than a half-hour to make.

Throw your dad’s favorite toppings and syrup on top, and your morning – and his – is sure to start right.

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With nine grams of protein per muffin, these little guys pack a great morning punch.

Best of all, you’ll only need four ingredients – eggs, sausage, cheese, and salt and pepper – to make them.

If you want, you can swap out the protein or make a vegetarian version using onions, mushrooms, spinach, peppers, and more.

Hash is a quick and easy dish to make, and it’s suitable for any meal of the day. This skillet hash is done in 30 minutes, looks great, and tastes even better.

It’s also full of all your breakfast faves, including eggs, potatoes, cheese, bacon, and scallions.

It’s relatively low-carb, but if you need something keto-friendly, double the bacon and leave out the potatoes.

Bisquick Waffles

If you need a good recipe for waffles to go along with your chicken, grab your Bisquick and your waffle iron; these can be ready in about 10 minutes. 

They have perfectly crispy outsides and warm, fluffy insides. If you want to make several at once, go for it. You can freeze them for up to a month.

If you’ve ever rolled your pancakes around your sausage links and dipped the whole thing in syrup, this recipe’s for you. 

They find the exact balance between sweet, salty, and savory, and the flavor is out of this world. 

Bisquick Coffee Cake

If your dad is more of a coffee and newspaper kind of guy in the morning, that’s okay. This coffee cake pairs better with coffee than any other sweet treat I know.

It’s soft and moist on the inside, but the cinnamon crumble on top adds a delightfully snappy crunch.

It makes the whole thing perfect for dipping (if he’s a dipper) and just as yummy alone if he’s not.

These are very similar in taste and texture to regular coffee cake, but they’ve been transformed into muffins, which somehow makes them even more delightful. 

Whatever you do, don’t forget the drizzled glaze because that truly sets them apart from other breakfast treats.

What’s the only thing better than pancakes on Father’s Day? Mancakes!

They’re like pancakes, but better because they have two essential manly ingredients – beer and bacon. 

Let’s just all go out on a limb and agree that these should become a new breakfast staple at least three times a week.

Dads like pretty stuff, too, and this crescent bacon breakfast ring is almost as lovely as it is tasty.

If you’re setting up a beautiful table for dad on his special day, this needs to be at the center.

Despite how gorgeous it is and how fancy it looks, it doesn’t take much work to make.

Finally, it’s full of eggs, peppers, bacon, and cheese, so it’s got a lot of great stuff to help you and dad start the day right. 

These are a great, cheesy alternative to biscuits, but they also taste great when eaten alone. 

The dough does take a few hours to rise, though, so be sure to get started several hours before you plan on serving them.

It doesn’t get much more “typical American breakfast” than bacon and scrambled eggs.

Save some room on your plate for other breakfast goodies by cooking them together. 

For this recipe, prepare your scrambled eggs as you always do, but pre-cook some bacon and break it into pieces.

While you’re whisking your eggs, toss the bacon chips in as well.

Once you pour everything into the skillet, the eggs will get nice and fluffy.

The bacon, having already been cooked, will get super crispy and crunchy, adding a bit of texture to the softness of the eggs.

I love the crispy crunch that surrounds the soft, warm middle of waffles.

Most of all, I love their sweetness, so when I heard about savory waffles, I wasn’t convinced. 

I’ve never been so happy to be wrong.

These are made like traditional waffles, except you throw some bacon, scallions, and cheddar cheese in with the batter. They. Are. Incredible. 

Oh, and just because they’re savory doesn’t mean you can’t throw a little syrup or powdered sugar on top of them. I think it makes them even better. 

I’ll never say no to a flavorful breakfast casserole, and this one has a double dose of flavor.

Packed with sausage, eggs, cheese, peppers, onions, and big croutons, it has everything you could need or want for breakfast.

Best of all, you can make it the night before, so you won’t have to be rushed in the mornings.

Sausage is a must-have for any breakfast with dad, but your dad’s done a lot for you over the years. Don’t shaft him with refrigerated or frozen patties. 

Using this simple recipe, you can have delicious homemade sausage patties, free from added sugars and unpronounceable ingredients, in just 15 minutes. 

Bacon, bacon, who’s got the bacon? With this recipe, you will. Even better, all that crunchy, salty bacon will be stuffed between layers of sweet, syrupy French toast. 

I’ve said all I need to say. If you aren’t sold on that, you must not be a breakfast person.

If you like your bacon a little less sweet, this bacon cheese frittata is the way to go.

All you’ll need to make it is bacon, eggs, milk, butter, scallions, cheese, salt, and pepper. 

It’s done in about 45 minutes, and it’s a salty, herby, cheesy way to start the day. You can always swap out the protein if bacon isn’t your thing. 

When I first discovered Dutch babies, I think I stood staring in awe for a solid 5 minutes.

They looked like giant, savory pancake/crepe hybrids. I was sold on them immediately.

Of all the Dutch baby recipes out there, this is one of my absolute faves. It’s light, airy, and full of two of my favorite things – herbs and cheese. 

If you want to tweak the recipe with some sausage or bacon, you can, but honestly, this recipe doesn’t need it. It’s perfect as-is.

These Mexican treats are surprisingly popular in Malaysia and Asia. They’re light, buttery, and airy, yet somehow filling. 

They have an interesting coffee topping that’s unlike almost anything we have on a traditional US breakfast menu.

If dad is a fan of sweet rolls and coffee, he’ll love these.

The ingredients list for this recipe looks daunting at first glance, but most of it is simple everyday ingredients.

If you can make Belgian waffles, you can make these because that’s precisely what they are. 

Only they have an incredible coffee taste thanks to the added espresso powder.

Is there ever a wrong time for grilled cheese? No. 

This grilled cheese is explicitly designed for breakfast and includes sausage and eggs along with the melted, gooey cheese.

If your dad ever told you you couldn’t have dessert for breakfast, this recipe is your chance to prove him wrong! 

All you need are some pancakes, sugar, Greek yogurt, cinnamon, eggs, milk, brown sugar, and your favorite berries.

It’s called “pancake pudding,” but it’s almost more like a pancake parfait. 

It takes less than an hour to make, and you’ll have enough to serve four people.

Making fried donuts can be a hassle, so why not bake them instead? These baked donuts are cleaner, easier, and faster to make. 

They’re also a tiny bit healthier, although no donut is ever truly healthy, of course.

In addition to being fluffy, soft, and moist, they also have a fantastic coffee flavor that’s the ideal way to start the morning.

They’re infused with coffee and topped with coffee glaze. 

All-in-all, they’re a coffee lover’s paradise.

If you want to think a little outside the box for your Father’s Day breakfast, consider these breakfast tacos.

These are the real deal; they aren’t just sausage and eggs on a tortilla. 

They do have sausage and eggs, and they are on tortillas, but they’re also stuffed with salsa, corn, black beans, avocado, lime, cilantro, and hot sauce. 

This is an authentic Mexican breakfast, and it combines heat, spice, zest, and herbs more perfectly than any other breakfast dish ever could.

If dad likes tacos, these could be a new favorite.

This is a relatively simple dish – fried eggs and homemade fries – but sometimes, simple is the way to go.

These homemade fries, or chips if you prefer, are too perfect for anyone to complain.

If you’re looking for a new and exciting spread for your morning toast or bagels, this is a good option.

It’s another one of those recipes for people who’d love a constant coffee IV drip.

You’ll need a cheesecloth for wringing the mixture. Besides that, you’ll only need five ingredients – heavy cream, ground coffee, sugar, kosher salt, and flaked salt. 

Cinnamon Rolls With Cream Cheese Icing

Cinnamon buns are a sweet breakfast favorite, and these taste almost just like the massive, delicious buns you get from Cinnabon.

In fact, it’s a Cinnabon copycat recipe!

If your dad likes cinnamon buns and you like convenience, this recipe is the one for you.

Avocado, toast, and bread – three great tastes that taste great together, and this recipe gives you four different ways to make it. 

Best of all, no matter which way you choose, you can make the whole thing in about 7 minutes.

German pancakes are a puffier, fluffier, slightly sweeter version of “regular” pancakes.

They’re full of butter and sweetness, and you bake them in the oven after about 5 minutes of prep work.

You can top them in all kinds of different ways, including powdered sugar and berries, cinnamon and almonds, lemon juice and whipped topping, or however else you’d like. 

You can even adjust the recipe to make a gluten-free version if needed.

30 Easy Father’s Day Breakfast Ideas

30 Easy Father’s Day Breakfast Ideas


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Father’s Day Breakfast Ideas

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