Barbecue Meatloaf: So What's the Story Behind Meatloaf? Where did it Come From??

  • on April 30, 2021
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Meatloaf! One of the quintessential American comfort foods! But where did it come from? And how did it get so popular? I have the story and a fantastic 1950s …

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  • To many meat loafs to pick from. I made my own creation of stuffed meatloaf. I never use bread crackers flour oatmeal to or eggs in mine. I call it volcano meatloaf. why molten cheese inside. I use ground beef or pork or lamb or bison or venison chicken turkey or combo of whatever I have on hand.

    Nun Ya April 30, 2021 12:28 am Reply
  • Great meatloaf!
    Thanks for reminding us about the Depression and WWII ration cards. Like you said, we are better off than back then!
    I need a food processor so that I can turn old bread into breadcrumbs. Sometimes breadcrumbs are a bit on the expensive side…
    Very interesting that you use chili sauce. Like you said, sometimes meatloaf can be sweet so I am sure that yours was very flavorful. Thanks for showing another great recipe, Jill!

    Parnell The Chef April 30, 2021 12:28 am Reply
  • Beautiful video, thanks for sharing it. You have a new Italian follower. Happy Sunday my new friend ❤️

    Simply Home Made April 30, 2021 12:28 am Reply
  • Not a fan of meatloaf but this one is calling me… Thanks for sharing!

    Ina Cooks April 30, 2021 12:28 am Reply
  • Wow this is really good meatloaf it has full flavor in it

    AJ Ferns FAMILY April 30, 2021 12:28 am Reply
  • Woow so talented cooking i love watching watching your videos and I'm learning from you..thank you for sharing your recipes.

    Vaniza Valera April 30, 2021 12:28 am Reply
  • Yum!! One of my all time favourites! I like your sauce mix, Jill! By a happy coincidence I actually have some Wright’s liquid smoke in my pantry! There’s tonight’s dinner sorted!! 😋

    Mark Wilson April 30, 2021 12:28 am Reply
  • great video, take care

    Playte's Variety Channel April 30, 2021 12:28 am Reply
  • Wow Jill!! Jam packed with awesome foodie information as usual!! Love Your vids! Always with the drink out… our kinda girl! The sauce you made to top the meatloaf was so bold yet subtle! Annd when you finally cut into that meatloaf I can see the tenderness. It was just like butter! Great job and Great show! Cheers! 😍

    CHEF ADVENTURES April 30, 2021 12:28 am Reply
  • We're also having market withdrawals! Meatloaf is actually one of Nabol's favorite foods so he's taking note over here. Ground "any meat" sounds good… or dangerous depending on who's cooking. LOL We also love grass-fed meat. Ooohh, horseradish! Nice. We like the idea of the chili sauce too. Nothing better than tin foil! Hahaha

    Maria and Nabol - Kimchi & Beans April 30, 2021 12:28 am Reply
  • I absolutely love meatloaf. This version looks so good Jill .. I like that you used grass fed beef and that you grind your own bread crumbs. You have me craving meatloaf now. So interesting to hear the history 🌟.. happy Sunday friend ❤️ see you again soon

    A Bite Of Life April 30, 2021 12:28 am Reply
  • Everything about this meat loaf is amazing! We love the sauce you created; it looks so luxurious. And the history you shared was so interesting; you really did your research! Of course we want a serving platter just like the one you served that gorgeous meat loaf on. Thank you so much for participating in the collab!

    Kitchen Queers April 30, 2021 12:28 am Reply
  • Enjoyed watching your video, great looking meatloaf….
    Will be back for more…..👍

    Margaret's Make and Bake April 30, 2021 12:28 am Reply
  • Great video!! I love the story and history that you have presented. I will have to try your recipe. I haven't had meatloaf in years because my ex-wife somehow managed to make it, as my kids describe it, crunchy on the outside and soupy in the middle. 😆

    Beer, Bros and Bon Appetit April 30, 2021 12:28 am Reply
  • Hi, I’m a meatloaf lover for sure. I like it even better the next day cold in a sandwich! Yum 🥰 Love hearing the history of your dishes. Thanks for sharing and have a good weekend… Stay safe. Hugs, Dolores 😘

    The Baking Diva April 30, 2021 12:28 am Reply
  • Beautyfufl! Very cute your way ! Like an sub from my channel. I'm looking forward for your next video. Thank you for sharing, Take care of you and greetings from my channel 🤗

    Freddy's Kitchen April 30, 2021 12:28 am Reply
  • Hey Jill! Fantastic BBQ meatloaf! Cooked up perfect! Comfort food all the way! Great share my dear friend! Quarantine cooking at it's best!

    CastIronSkilletKitchen April 30, 2021 12:28 am Reply
  • "A happy little bowl" of ground beef, is a perfect little bowl of ground beef. Oh and yes, horseradish is so good on smoked oysters, not just bloody mary's. Lovely barbecue sauce you made, looks so rich. Perfect meatloaf for two, and with some slight leftovers!~ Looks delicious, and thanks for joining the collaboration.

    Rivet Gardener April 30, 2021 12:28 am Reply
  • Awesome collaboration… love meatloaf but never knew about the history until now. 8)

    Just8Ate April 30, 2021 12:28 am Reply
  • That looks like a tasty meatloaf! Love the Tabasco!

    The Silly Kitchen with Sylvia April 30, 2021 12:28 am Reply
  • love me a good meatloaf… looks mighty tasty!

    Meaty Mike April 30, 2021 12:28 am Reply
  • Oh, man, this looks so good….

    My mom bathed her meatloaf in a butter-and-ketchup sauce, and the sauce that dripped onto the pan and caramelized is my favorite part.

    EastSider April 30, 2021 12:28 am Reply
  • You had me at meatloaf! Yummo!

    Cooking with Kory April 30, 2021 12:28 am Reply
  • World War II seemed to leave a permanent mark on the world in many ways. Thinking of how it affected cuisine is fascinating! I learned a few years back that PB&J and England's beans on toast were both a soldier's war ration food.

    This meat loaf looks great, Jill! Stay safe and I hope you enjoy!

    Sleepy Teddy April 30, 2021 12:28 am Reply
  • Thanks for sharing the history of meatloaf! Very cool that it came out of WWII and a time of rationing. I didnt eat this much growing up but I am craving it now after watching your recipe!

    TRAP BISTRO TV April 30, 2021 12:28 am Reply
  • Pretty cool history of Meatloaf. I really enjoyed it. I remember getting meatloaf and watching a rodeo with my grandparents in the early 70's. Meatloaf looks amazing Jill! Thank you for sharing!

    The Dudes Kitchen n Grill April 30, 2021 12:28 am Reply
  • Darling daughter……….looks so delish. And it brings back memories!!! Seems like the grinder was always used in cooking! Especially during WW2. Wish we lived closer. I Would invite us to dinner tonight! Love you😘

    Cindy Walker April 30, 2021 12:28 am Reply
  • Wow Jill! This is a delicious meatloaf, and that sauce looks amazing. I was thinking you could use that sauce on ribs, or chicken too. 🤤 I definitely agree with you on the liquid smoke, I measure that stuff in drops 😱 I can tell this collaboration is going to be wonderful. Stay safe out there.

    Recipes with Resa April 30, 2021 12:28 am Reply
  • Love this variation. Mine from my mom uses saltine crackers. Soak them in milk, add eggs and sage. Mix with ground beef – a two tong fork works great btw. Cook in loaf pan covered with ketchup. Totally American comfort food! 👍🏼 Stay well! Look forward to your next episode. 💚

    Roberta Woods April 30, 2021 12:28 am Reply
  • Jill amazing barbecue meatloaf recipe always loving the history behind it it is definitely quintessential American classic comfort food. Love your barbecue spin on it especially with the horseradish in the meatloaf Yum and I love that you started your sauce with chili sauce and a little more spices and that liquid smoke great recipe Jill awesome show

    Wine&Dine with Jeff April 30, 2021 12:28 am Reply
  • Darn it, Jill! Now i want meatloaf! <<wanders off to change next week's menu>>

    June Swinford April 30, 2021 12:28 am Reply
  • big fan of meatloaf here!

    TheKitchenMoFo April 30, 2021 12:28 am Reply

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