The True Meaning of Hotel California

  • on June 17, 2022
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  • Honestly i just think its about many things not just a singular thing, but what brings it together is the topic of feeling trapped and it just branches over the many ways you feel that sensation.

    Mortan Á. Mørk June 17, 2022 9:53 pm Reply
  • Interesting interpretation. Occam’s Razor suggests the the easiest interpretation is probably the truth. The entertainment industry is enticing and is just waiting for you to commit your first sin. So it can lead you to the next sin and steal your soul. Metaphorically.

    Landmine663 June 17, 2022 9:53 pm Reply
  • In 1978 I was high school and had an English class called "Poetry in Folk & Rock" We would all gather and listen to a song (this song was #1) and write down the lyrics. Then we would all split into groups and "discuss" what the lyrics meant to us. Our group decided it was a song of the rise to stardom and the eventual insane asylum that it would be become. Mirrors on the ceiling was an operating theatre, pink champagne on ice is the blood plasma.

    Adventuring with the S.G.O.C.C. and so much more June 17, 2022 9:53 pm Reply
  • JC…it's "Fry", not "Fray"

    dvaoa June 17, 2022 9:53 pm Reply
  • Why in the fuck does this guy draw out the the last word of every sentence like that? Like “waterrrrrrrr”. I literally had to turn this shit off it’s maddening.

    Jayce Simmons June 17, 2022 9:53 pm Reply
  • If you didn't grow up in the chaos of the 70s and 80s, you'll probably never understand the dark undertones of this song.

    Poor Touring Hot Wire Garage June 17, 2022 9:53 pm Reply
  • cool.. while today's music talks about money.. butts…more butts..

    Rob B June 17, 2022 9:53 pm Reply
  • Don Henley said it meant none of that. He said it's about a young man going from innocence to having experience. No satanic overtones. No drug use. Just what he and Glenn Frey (as the writers) said. So. There is, in fact, a way to sat what a song is about.

    Chris From Hawaii June 17, 2022 9:53 pm Reply
  • What a load of crap. See Danielle's post

    Ken Brownfield June 17, 2022 9:53 pm Reply
  • when the narrator can't pronounce one of the founding Eagles' last name I tune out

    eric riddle June 17, 2022 9:53 pm Reply
  • Glenn Fray?

    Andy M June 17, 2022 9:53 pm Reply
  • So i called up the captain.. Please bring me my wine.. We haven't had that spirit here since 1969.. This happens to be the same year Anton Levay produced the satanic bible and many famous celebrities dabbling in the dark arts start frequenting his residence to participate in Occult rituals… This residence called the black church resides on California street.. Jesus Christ is the spirit that hasn't been around since satan took over control in 1969.. I don't know if this is the true meaning or not but anyone who thinks this is far fetched and couldn't be true is very naive of the sinister behind the scenes reality achieving fame.. Who do you suppose the Beatles were referring to as Sargent Pepper?? Alistair Crowley..

    B Love June 17, 2022 9:53 pm Reply
  • Born in 1974 and this to me is one of the best songs of all time!

    NicoleMarie June 17, 2022 9:53 pm Reply
  • Love this song. I enjoyed the take on this video!!! I always wondered about this song and this video just added to my imagination….

    Wendy Watson June 17, 2022 9:53 pm Reply
  • Your not even close its about the rock era back in the 70s people were flocking to LA in hopes of making it big the eagle dubed la as a hotel that's how the song started

    Timothy Boyd June 17, 2022 9:53 pm Reply
  • It could mean whatever it’s supposed to mean to each person

    27 PayBack June 17, 2022 9:53 pm Reply
  • "No one can tell the true meaning"
    What about the person who wrote it?!

    Silas Wiley June 17, 2022 9:53 pm Reply
  • Having worked in restaurants for years classic rock radio is always on so enevitibly this song is in heavy rotation so yeah I've heard this way too much

    punkfan97 June 17, 2022 9:53 pm Reply
  • "Vaguery is the primary tool of songwriters." That's exactly it. Music is an art form, and art is subjective. Even if the artist says exactly what a piece means to them, it is going to resonate differently with everyone.

    Wendy Schardein June 17, 2022 9:53 pm Reply
  • I never liked the EAGLES wimpy Cali soft rock. But Hotel California is one of my all time favorite songs. Go figure. Somebody in High School said it was about Viet Nam War. It just haunts the fuck out of me.

    Lon Wolf June 17, 2022 9:53 pm Reply
  • To claim to know so much about the song and then pronounce Glen Frey's name as "Fray" kinda kills it for me

    Mike Jenkins June 17, 2022 9:53 pm Reply
  • Yo nigga give Charlie his props foo

    Robert Grijalva June 17, 2022 9:53 pm Reply
  • The character you are using to represent a lower-case "k" is in fact a ligature of a lower-case "t" with a lower-case "z". So you have a "dartz" highway, "pintz" champagne and the useless ability to "chectz" out.

    Martin Ibert June 17, 2022 9:53 pm Reply
  • U said at the beginning and said that u was going to tell the true meaning. And then turn right around and say that u don't know! And that there's many meanings to the song. So which is it? Do u know or not?

    Brian Argo June 17, 2022 9:53 pm Reply
  • The song is about a place talked about by Ted Gunderson. A place called Satans Castle in Crestline California with underground tunnels where Satanism and missing children were said to have been.

    Martin B June 17, 2022 9:53 pm Reply
  • Hotel California speaks of the same stuff so many other huge songs sing about. To me it’s filled with occult symbology of finding the light in the darkness and being drawn in. They almost all speak of a women who guides them in some way. The light could be fame, money, power, wisdom or all of the above. Ultimately it leaves you empty when weighed against the sacrifice needed including innocence lost. Some bands like Led Zeppelin embrace it and others apparently don’t.

    def def June 17, 2022 9:53 pm Reply
  • My co-worker was singing along to this song today at work.
    It's odd how I got recommended this video.
    The world really does work in mysterious ways, or YouTube at least!

    Metis Ellada June 17, 2022 9:53 pm Reply
  • Great insight, thoughts, and explanation! BUT your voice is annoying and distracting.

    JA W June 17, 2022 9:53 pm Reply
  • The song is nothing special nor good. It's filled with evil sublimely misusages.

    floyd knight June 17, 2022 9:53 pm Reply
  • It's about an actual hotel in California that contains a portal to hell. If you play the song backwards it tells you how to open it

    Shaun Steele June 17, 2022 9:53 pm Reply
  • We figured it out 🤣 straight into the pit to hell.

    Timothy Holmes June 17, 2022 9:53 pm Reply
  • The only contribution Don Felder made was the melody that defined Hotel California.

    Mike Aldana June 17, 2022 9:53 pm Reply
  • I always thought the protagonist died and he or she was trying to figure out where they were and how they could get out. Lots of analogies like they stab it with their steely knives etc which denotes that ghosts are never satisfied etc… its an afterlife story I reckon….

    Mark Cohen June 17, 2022 9:53 pm Reply
  • Hotel California is where they sold their soul, you do not want to know the things that they did at Hotel California. you would be disgusted and furious

    Lady Yankee Rebel June 17, 2022 9:53 pm Reply
  • Hotel California is one of a handful of rock songs that if I ever have to hear it again it’ll be too soon. Stairway to Heaven and Freebird are two others. 😂

    canterlevi June 17, 2022 9:53 pm Reply
  • Kinda reminds me of The Shining, like a dystopian and creepy sense of not being able to escape

    Giga Chad June 17, 2022 9:53 pm Reply
  • It does get a bit airy while you karaoke through California

    steve lawrence June 17, 2022 9:53 pm Reply
  • I once went south in the mid eighties to Los Angeles to stay with a friend who lived at an apartment building north of Hollywood Blvd called "the Lido" close to Mann's Chinese Theater. Standing with him on the main floor in the lobby, he pointed out that this was the picture taken on the inside of the album "Hotel California". I looked up and around and sure enough it was that familiar photo. The elevator was out of order. The pots that once held plants were still there but the plants were missing. The run down Lido however had seen much better days since that photo was taken. The building really seemed to be about the Hotel California album, lyrics, members of the Eagles who had moved on for many reasons, the frustrated pursuit of the American dream, drug use and or the need to escape, physical and moral decay, and so many other parallels as noted well by everyone here. That decaying enigmatic apartment building seemed to be about everything I was ever able to read into the Hotel California's lyrics and musical stylings.

    Rick Talbot June 17, 2022 9:53 pm Reply
  • it’s just a song. there is no meaning. you buzzards need to grow up. 👉🙈🙉

    Timmy Shore June 17, 2022 9:53 pm Reply
  • Hotel Calafornia, to me, serves as the end of an era. Rest in Peace, Dayshift at Freddy's.

    Sonic C. Games June 17, 2022 9:53 pm Reply
  • honestly hotels are maybe the scariest type of liminal space to me? other liminal spaces like train stations or bus stops are at least a bit more open (and thus appear easier to escape) but a hotel is so much harder to navigate and has less entrances/exits

    Autumn Avalanche June 17, 2022 9:53 pm Reply
  • Nice video. Who put together. Frey is pronounced Like French fry.

    Bill Morris June 17, 2022 9:53 pm Reply
  • Let’s be honest, the Eagles DON’T even know what the song is about, or they would tell us.

    Michael S. Smith June 17, 2022 9:53 pm Reply
  • You do know hotel California is in baja California

    Jose Morales June 17, 2022 9:53 pm Reply
  • The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Linda Rondstat and a few other bands and musicians were the pioneers of Southern CA country rock in the early 70s. There's a 1971 or 1972 video here on YouTube of Linda saying exactly that. She called it the new Southern CA sound. So for a time in the mid 70s, country Rock was a fad. I remember Sundown being played on the radio frequently in 1974. The Eagles were so embedded in Southern CA culture that they knew it very well. Drugs were already a big part of the culture in the mid 70s. I remember an older next-door neighbor kid talking to another guy and telling him that there were many kids in our elementary school ODing. I was around 9 or 10 (1975-1976) when I first heard that word. That was the nomenclature back then up until the very early 80s. People would say OD like it was an acceptable, given practice. And recreational drugs was also a very common phrase like drinking beer. So I believe The Eagles were indeed referring to drugs when they make references to the beast and that you can never leave. The knife could be related to cutting cocain with a knife too.

    egmjag June 17, 2022 9:53 pm Reply
  • @Polyphonic in the beginning of your video for the Title Card, what's the name of the "song" guitar riff that's playing? It's smooth

    Andrew Otero June 17, 2022 9:53 pm Reply
  • Not mysterious at all. At least not to anyone who moved there from anywhere "normal" and made it truly their home. The trappings of California draw you in and keep you there. So much so that even after you leave, as I did a couple years ago, it's forever embedded in your soul. For both better and worse. Cali is the land of extremes. For both better and worse.

    X of Center June 17, 2022 9:53 pm Reply
  • False label. Shame on you!

    Sven Nielsen June 17, 2022 9:53 pm Reply

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